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A world-class franchise concept

Vivafit is a young fitness franchise company founded in 2002 in Portugal, which has grown to be a key player in the Portuguese market, and is currently operating in 6 countries: 3 in Europe; 2 in Asia and 1 in South America.

Founded by Spanish Husband Pedro Ruiz and American Wife Constance Ruiz, Vivafit is a made in Portugal company with a truly international business perspective.


The Founders
Constance Ruiz
Pedro Ruiz
  Constance Ruiz and Pedro Ruiz

Our mission is to motivate women to lose weight and feel great by creating habits of exercise and healthy eating.

The Vivafit concept is to provide health and well-being in a pleasant environment with fast and easy workouts exclusively for women.

Discover the healthiest way to keep in shape. 
With the help of our monitors you will lose weight and feel much better about yourself.

  • A more toned body
  • Reduction of stress
  • Increase in self-esteem
  • Prevention of cardiovascular diseases

Vivafit Nutrition

Vivafit Results

  • Attract more and new members
  • Increase loyalty level
  • More results
  • More satisfaction

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Vivafit Workouts

At the Vivafit gyms you will find different types of workouts:

Vivafit Circuit


You need just 30 minutes a day. We have various exercises to offer you in a circuit of 10 machines and 10 platforms
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Vivafit Pilates


Pilates is an exercise programme designed to make your body stronger and structurally more efficient.
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Vivafit BodyVive


BODYVIVE™ is a programme of group exercises, accompanied by music, developed by Les Mills™.
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Vivafit BodyBalance


O BODYBALANCE™ is, like Body Vive, a programme of group exercises, accompanied by music, developed by Les Mills™
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Vivafit SH'BAM


Sh'Bam™ offers the same benefits as circuit training, with the main difference being that it’s offered in a group atmosphere using the well known programming of Les Mills™ pre-choreography.
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Vivafit Free Training

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